Pam (Newport)

Dentistry nerves cured ! If you are at all a nervous patient then Ash is the dentist for you. I’ve had a terrible time with my teeth lately, involving a lot of time in the chair. Throughout it all Ash has been reassuring, he’s explained what he was doing and kept me calm. I’ve come out the other side with a better smile and less fear of the dental experience Brilliant !

Mrs A M (Newport)

After visiting Ash to find out if he could help improve the appearance of my ageing teeth I was really pleased with his suggestions. Ash was extremely thorough and took time to explain the pros and cons of the treatment plan he had in mind for me. At several subsequent visits Ash replaced my existing crowns which were old and not very attractive and also put veneers on my front teeth. Ash and his team were friendly and efficient and made me feel totally at ease all the way through my treatment. As Ash takes before and after photographs I was able to see how very much improved my teeth look and I am thrilled to bits, I can’t stop grinning at everyone I meet and am extremely glad I took that first step in meeting Ash.

“I am extremely nervous about dental treatment so opted for sedation. It was an excellent option for me and left me feeling very relaxed. The appointment went really well and I am now ready to face my next appointment without the usual feelings of trepidation!

I am a new customer to Wycherley’s dental practice and can honestly say that I have never experienced such friendly, positive and efficient service. They are a really great team and have put me at ease.

Mrs M (Newport) – September 2018

I recently had Laser treatment at the practice for a cold sore in the corner of my mouth. I have these recurring cold sores frequently, which are very painful due to their location, and slow to heal as they split open all the time. The laser treatment took only 5-10 minutes and was not painful. There was an immediate pain reduction and within 3 days the cold sore had completely healed, fantastic. I would certainly have this again to kill the virus, especially if I had an important engagement coming up where I wanted to look my best.

Mrs H (Staffordshire)

Wow! What service!

Everyone at Wycherley’s is so caring and yet they don’t let you get away with anything. Advice and education is first rate and tactfully delivered.

Ash is a superstar. I have just had 6 crowns and two bridges due to the collapse of earlier work done when I was a youngster and to some extent my poor dental hygiene. It was a long process involving extractions and temporary plates, then two long sessions of crown preparations and temporary crowns. Ash kept talking to me, made sure I understood what was happening and why, showed me pictures of the progress and was sensitive to my sensitivity being generous with the anaesthetic. When it came to the design of my new teeth he explained how he had to alter my bite. I said I didn’t want piano key, glow in the dark teeth and Ash diplomatically talked of age appropriate teeth. Obviously I had no experience of choosing teeth but  Ash had me collect pictures of the sorts of smiles I liked and didn’t like and I left it to his sound advice and experience. I am delighted with the outcome, a smile I am relaxed with and comfortable teeth like I had when I was young. The best part is that my family and friends haven’t noticed but just wonder why I am smiling so much until I tell them and then they say how good and natural my smile is. Exactly the result I wanted! I would have no hesitation in recommending Ash and Wycherley’s to anyone.

Mrs B (Newport)

How was your experience of booking your appointment?

Excellent, no waiting around even though appointment was 2 hours long.

How was your experience of the treatment received?

As Above. Ash was very attentive and worked extremely efficiently.

Mrs C (Market Drayton)

I first approached Wycherley’s in 2015 as I was not getting the level of expertise at the previous practice I was attending.

I wasn’t blessed with the best of teeth so I have always gone to the dentists every 6 months.

Ash gave me an honest & accurate appraisal, one tooth had already fallen out & 2 more had to go. I went off & thought about it, decided to choose the implant option to replace them rather than a denture, & joined the dental plan. It was done over a period of around 7 months to suit my schedule. Ash told me exactly what it involved, so there were no surprises. It was all done using the latest equipment & I am very happy with the results!

Very well done & thank you.

NC (Newport)

“I am extremely nervous about dental treatment so opted for sedation. It was an excellent option for me and left me feeling very relaxed. The appointment went really well and I am now ready to face my next appointment without the usual feelings of trepidation!

I am a new customer to Wycherley’s dental practice and can honestly say that I have never experienced such friendly, positive and efficient service. They are a really great team and have put me at ease.”

Mrs P (St Georges)

“Ash and all the staff at Wycherley’s have been brilliant; I have got my confidence back to smile again. I have always been nervous of the dentist but not anymore, highly recommend”

LG (Shropshire)

“I recently completed my treatment for an implant with sedation at Wycherley’s Dental Practice. Treatment I received was absolutely second to none. All the fears I had were totally unfounded. Ash and the team were amazing in the care and treatment, putting me totally at ease. I feel so lucky to have found a dental surgery which is so professional and does genuinely care for their patient.”

Mrs T (Telford)

“Amazing service! I entered my appointment a nervous wreck but Ash and his team reassured me and before I knew it I was waking up post treatment. I honestly can’t recommend these guys enough! Top quality work, really friendly staff and great after care! 10/10.”

Mr R (Broseley)

“I have had a dental phobia for several years and as a consequence had let my dental visits slip. After plucking up the courage to visit Wycherley’s surgery I had three problem teeth to deal with including a surgical extraction. I decided to go ahead with the treatment and chose to have the IV sedation. I felt fully confident with Ash who explained the procedure thoroughly. I had blood pressure checks etc before the appointment and because I knew there would be no pain I walked into the room without the usual cold sweat. The experience was even better than I expected;  as from the moment Ash was chatting with me about administering the sedation the next thing I remember was waking up and job done. A couple of hours sleep at home and I felt back to normal. I would not hesitate to recommend Ash and his team and would definitely have the procedure again as I want to ensure the long term health of my teeth and at the moment sedation is the only way I can do it.”

Mrs D (Edgmond)

“Regarding the recent sedation that I received at Wycherley’s Dental Practice, it was a great help because using dentists previously I had some negative experiences so this has increased my anxiety around visits to the dentist.

I believe that the extraction was not exactly an easy procedure but with the sedation it meant that I didn’t really feel anything, except a small twinge once during the whole procedure. I believe that this was because of the complexity of the extraction.

It made this treatment comfortable to endure and would recommend this to other patients that feel the need for whatever reason.”

Mr K (Telford)

“I needed to have a wisdom tooth extracted but had only had very negative experiences of extractions as a child. Ash discussed the use of midazolam for sedation, saying that I would be conscious but unaware of what was going on. He was so reassuring and as he has already gained my trust, I was happy to try sedation. I was sceptical as it seemed too good to be true.

When the sedation wore off and I became aware that I was sitting in his treatment room chair, I couldn’t believe that it was all over. I remembered nothing about it and in fact felt silly that I’d been so anxious in the first place. For those people who, like me, get anxious, I couldn’t recommend sedation highly enough. It has completely taken away my fear of any future extractions, although hopefully that won’t be for many years to come!”

Mrs F (Stafford)

“I was treated in a kind and professional manner. Ash is an excellent dentist and he explained everything about the procedures very clearly. I have had very bad experience in the past which made me lose my confidence and I was terrified of any treatment. Everyone at Wycherley’s Dental Practice was friendly and reassuring and very professional.”

Thank you

Mrs C (Shrewsbury) 

“We moved to Shropshire some nine years ago. We tried various dental practices since our move and none were as good as the Dentists we had in Solihull. That was, until we found Wycherley’s Dental Practice, thank you, you have been brilliant.”

Mr & Mrs G (Shrewsbury) 

“The hygiene procedure was very thorough and followed with some maintenance advice. The hygienist and staff at Wycherley’s were friendly and made the procedure comfortable and painless.
I had 3 appointments in total with the dentist. First emergency appointment was to temporarily rectify a chipped/cracked tooth. Then followed by a consultation appointment, where options were discussed. As the dental practice is properly equipped, the crown was designed and made onsite. Dentist and staff were very professional and found their advice useful. Most importantly, the whole process went well.
Overall, was very pleased.

Thank you,

Mrs Y (Telford) 

“I hated the Dentist from an early age, did not have any treatment or regular check ups for over 15 years or more and I did not look after my teeth or gums…I decided to go to Ashok who advertised sedation which was the best way for myself to receive urgent treatment…over the last two years I have been highly impressed with the way Ashok treats his nervous patients to a degree that today I only had a local anaesthetic for a crown to be fitted. Would highly recommend Ashok and the Hygienist at Wycherley’s.”

Mr L (Newport) 

“I can only say that Ash and his team at Wycherley’s Dental Practice have made me feel so relaxed in the mammoth task, providing me with a complete set of 18 crowns and a brand new smile I haven’t seen in 30 years. The confidence Ash has in his ability to carry out the work is amazing, I know a lot of dentists would fear taking on such a job. I have felt completely confident in his ability to carry out such an extensive rebuild of my teeth and although I feel I am a confident person the new smile has elevated me to a new level and I cannot stop smiling now. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wycherley’s Dental Practice. Although it’s a small dental practice and I have been to some very large dental practices in my time, the level of service at Wycherleys outstrips all I have ever gone to.”

“Thank you again”

Mr M (Hinstock)

“I have always been self conscious about my frown lines – as im getting married in May l decided to have something done. Ash advised what treatment would be best and l am really pleased with the results. I would recommended Wycherley’s Dental Practice for Botox to anyone who is thinking about it”

Miss S (Albrighton) 

“My treatment started September 2014 but the real story began at least three months before that. Why? because it took weeks and weeks of indecision and worries before I summoned the courage to go ahead.

My teeth were in a pretty bad way. Throughout my adult life I never had what I would describe as “good” teeth particularly from he point of view of their appearance. Why was I worried? because in my case I was about to lose all my remaining teeth. That’s a big decision, particularly for a woman. There were always holidays coming up, birthdays and social events. But one day, I don’t know why, I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror and knew these poorly shaped, ugly teeth had to go.
On the 30th September, I took the metaphorical courage pill, turned up at Wycherley’s Dental Practice to start the treatment.
There followed regular visits and now here I am with a big wide confident smile. Strangely enough, once I had started the treatment I never had a moment’s doubt and knew I had done the right thing. That’s not to say I attended the surgery everytime without any feeling of apprehension, of course not. Few if any of us enjoy a dentist visit. We’re always glad when it’s over. I suppose dentists have to live with that, it goes with the job!

A few thoughts about the treatment experience.

The extractions, quite a number in my case, were made much easier to bear with with the help of I.V sedation, the application of the sedation was not painful at all! One small inconvenience but eventually amusing incident arising from the extractions was the appearance of a bruise on my lower jaw.

The implants took place and in May they were exposed. Primary impressions then followed and again I stress quite painless.
My final visit early June last year and didn’t I feel good!! I now have a very confident wide smile. Eating out is a real pleasue again. I’ve just got to persuade my husband to take me out more to catch up with what I’ve missed!
If you, the reader, are considering implants my advice is absolutely clear. If you can afford it – go for it! Don’t prevaricate like I did. Ash and his team did a wonderful job and it’s not a exaggeration for me to say it’s been a real life changer!”

Mrs P (Newport) 

“I cannot thank Ash and the team at Wycherleys enough. After years of hiding my teeth I now feel so proud of them, I cant stop smiling! Ash put me at ease straight away by explaining the treatment I needed, in plain English. Everyone at the practice is very friendly, always greeting me with a warm smile. I can honestly say I have never felt so comfortable at the dentist as I do with Ash and his team. Thanks again!”

Mrs F (Coalport) 

“I would just like to thank Ash and his team for making my visit to the dentist a pleasant one after years of fear. I had sedation as I was always petrified going to the dentist. I had been putting off going due to a bad experiance years ago, but 6 months ago I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I would Wycherley’s website and made my appointment. I had all my teeth out under sedation and now have new dentures after 6 months of temporary dentures. I can now smile again and I am no longer embarrassed of my teeth. Thank you again to Ash and his team. I would recommend Wycherley’s Dental Practice to anyone that has always feared dentists like me”

Mrs G (Telford) 

“I first rang Wycherleys Dental Practice in February 2015. I suffer from osteoarthritis and all of my teeth were loose. I was terrified of dentists, as anyone who went to the school dentist will testify. On my first visit everyone was so kind and understanding. I was put immediately at ease. We decided the only course of action was for all my teeth to be removed. I had this done in April and being the coward I am I chose to have sedation. It was not as painful as I expected and it all went very smoothly. I had to wait for 6 months to establish how much jaw bone I had left. In October I have several appointments for my dentures. I now have my new teeth and am thrilled with them. Everyone has been so kind and helpful.”
From a very grateful

Mrs M (Newport) 

“After years of deliberation I decided to have Botox. As Ash is a dentist and highly trained in facial aesthetics I felt I was in safe hands. I was still nervous however, that the outcome may not meet my expectations. I have to say I am delighted. I feel like shouting it from the rooftops and telling everyone I meet but that would rather defeat the object. I know my lines are much softer and my forehead is smooth. I feel more confident and happy when i’m applying my make up. I still have expression so it is not obvious. I will definitely have it done again when the effects wear off. I feel Ash can be trusted to produce the effects you want. Everything was explained and it was virtually painless.”

GS (Church Aston) 

” You can barely tell which are my crowns and which are my real teeth!! So pleased!! Thank you very much. Ash spent nearly all day with me getting them just right for me. A long day but well worth the result. Many thanks again.”

J D ( Tamworth) 

“My problem started as a young child when not all of my second teeth replaced my milk teeth, top and bottom at the back. The dentist cautioned my parents that unless I had something radical done, I would end up with gappy teeth and bite problems.  As a young teenager I was horrified by the dentists description of implants and screwing metal into my jaw, drilling my teeth to pegs … and so my dental phobia began. Time went by and as a middle aged adult, I found myself with large gaps in my teeth and a pretty non-existent bite.  I knew I had to get something done, and after researching Smile Designs and Invisalign (clear braces) on the internet, I discovered Wycherley’s Dental Practice in Newport.  I took a deep breath and walked in, where I was immediately put at ease by every single member of staff I came into contact with.

I think my case was challenging with the amount of correction I needed to achieve, but my goodness, what a find Dr Ashok Jakhu was!  Every step of the way he’s been patient, professional, reassuring and I’ve totally trusted his opinion and advice throughout my treatment. The technology used is second to none.  Sedation was at hand if I needed it, but even though my final treatment was reasonably invasive in terms of my phobia, I didn’t once feel the need.

The end result is fantastic. I feel that I can smile with confidence now. Even though I now have teeth that have never been there before in my adult life, they are comfortable and feel like they belong to me.  If you are reading this testimonial, as I was reading them two years ago, if you are having any doubts or have any phobia like myself, or if you think your teeth need a makeover but are just too scared to take the first step, then I would highly recommend that you visit this dentist to put all those monsters to bed!  I am delighted with my new smile, and I can’t thank Ash, Angelina and all of the dental team enough for their excellent, caring service.”

S D (Tamworth) 

“Just want to thank Kerry for a great hygienist appointment today. When you have a phobia like I’ve got changes in staff can be very difficult. Kerry was brilliant with me Thank you so much.”

P C (Newport, Shropshire) 

“I can’t recommend Wycherleys Dental Practice highly enough.  Ash is a progressive dentist who uses his skills and up to date technology to deliver better treatments.  My latest visit was for a Cerec crown which Ash produced on site.  He takes a digital impression by scanning and uses this on a computer which designs the restoration.  This then interfaces with a high precision machine to produce the crown.  Advantages are single visit, no uncomfortable impression trays, complete control of the shape, contour and fit by Ash and a strong metal free restoration.  I am very pleased with the treatment and think the new crown looks really natural.

I appreciate the personal service I get at this practice from the moment I walk in and am greeted by who ever is on reception, all through the treatment until I walk out of the door.  Fantastic service.”

C B (Wolverhampton)

“My fear of dentists is that so severe the last time I was due to go I ended up in a coronary care unit. I needed to find a kind caring dentist that could deal with my issues and urgent care that required. I had heard about Ash and his team here at Wycherley’s so took the plunge and made an appointment. The check up was like no other I have ever experienced. It wasn’t rushed in fact I think in total I was there about 1 hour. Everything was checked out in depth including xrays and all the time being reassured and found it all be very calming. The next appointment was for almost 2 hours which included 3 extractions. I was petrified. I opted for sedation, best thing I have ever done for dental work, made the visit less stressful. I can’t thank all the team for their care enough. Highly recommend Wycherley’s”

Mr P (Telford) 

“Absolutely first class service. Like many I find it difficult to visit the dentist. Now I have discovered Wycherley’s Dental Practice I won’t hesitate at booking my next appointment. Ash and his team are the best”

Mr T (Telford)

“I recently attended Wycherley’s Dental Practice to have Botox treatment on my forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet. I am amazed at the results which look so natural and have made me feel great. I would most definitely recommend Ash Jakhu and the team at Wycherley’s Dental Practice for their calming, friendly and professional approach.
If anyone is looking to have anti-aging treatments, Wycherley’s Dental Practice is the place to come to.”

Mrs B (Birmingham) 

“Telephoned today for an appointment due to a broken tooth. Appointment available today, a really great service and I would recommend this practice to others.”

S.P (Muxton)

“Thank you Ash for being so kind and gentle”

Master P (Muxton) 

“My NHS dentist advised me that implants would be the best way forward and referred me to Wycherley’s. I was immediately impressed with Ash’s professionalism during the assessment, covering all the possible treatments available. I was given sufficient information and time to decide on which option to pursue. The dental surgery was expertly carried out with my comfort always taken into account, thanks Ash and Emma… . The reception is always friendly and helpful , thanks Angelina and others. I have now registered with this practice as Ash is quite simply in a different league to the many dentists l have encountered.”

Mr F (Newport) 

“I was referred to Dr Ashok Jakhu following a failed attempt to crown one of my back teeth. I am absolutely terrified of dental pain. Ash removed the offending tooth under IV sedation and I felt nothing. I am SO grateful to have found Wycherley’s Dental Practice and all it’s wonderful staff.

Thank you all so much, words cannot express my gratitude. I shall be back!”

Mrs R (Church Stretton) 

”My first visit to Wycherley’s Dental Practice was an emergency appointment because of an abscess.  Ash was so kind and helpful that I asked if I could register with his practice despite living 200 miles away. (I do have family locally). Since then I have completed a course of treatment including an implant and three crowns, an extraction and a filling. My experience with this practice has been brilliant I couldn’t have been happier with the results of my treatment or the kindness and efficiency of the whole practice. For anyone who is nervous of dental treatment I would certainly recommend this practice.”

Mrs M (Edgmond) 

“As a referral patient from another practice and due to my phobia of having an extraction, I was so very very glad to have found your practice while looking for a dentist who still administers sedation. I cannot thank you all enough. Ash you are a dentist of the highest caliber.Your soothing presence and gentle ways kept me calm. Angelina, who fast tracked me for sedation and who was there for me all through the process and who even phoned the day after surgery to see if I was O.K. ”

“Thank you very much.”

Mrs G (Telford) 

”After years of problems with an abscess on a front teeth, I took the plunge and got Ash to remove it. After thoroughly discussing the options to fill in the gap, I chose an implant following my Invisalign treatment. I’ve gone from a smile I hated to having the perfect smile. I would highly recommend Ash and his team for the biggest or smallest problem. I could not be happier!”

Mrs T (Newport) 

“I visited Wycherley’s dental practice upon recommendation after having my tooth knocked out in an accident. After consulting with Ash I went for a dental implant, the whole experience was nothing short of perfect.”

“Thank you so much to Ash and the team.”

Mr J (Telford) 

 “Let’s face it – visiting a dentist isn’t going to be a person’s most pleasurable experience, but you and the girls at Wycherley’s dental practice made me feel so at ease from first and every subsequent visit that you’ve moved ahead of the decorating the house !!.  A massive thank you for your care, patience and outstanding professionalism over the past months.  I now have a natural and functional smile which has exceeded my expectations.  I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone who wants the best dental treatment in the area.”

“Many thanks”

Mr N (Newport) 

“On completion of my Invisalign treatment I would like to thank Ash and all the staff at Wycherley’s dental  practice for your help during the treatment process.  From the initial consultation, at which we discussed the best form or treatment to correct the alignment of both my upper and lower teeth, the preferred option was Invisalign.  Although I was initially sceptical about the degree of correction Invisalign would give, on completion of the treatment, I feel the process has exceeded my expectations.”

 Mr T (Shropshire)  

“After spending as many years as I can remember being absolutely petrified of going to the dentist, I found myself in the position of having to find a new dentist that offered sedation. Booking my first appointment with Wycherley’s Dental Practice was my best decision ever! From the minute I walked through the door, Dr Ashok Jakhu made me feel at ease and explained everything so clearly (I can honestly say, I have never had such a positive experience). Because I was such a nervous patient (who in the past had had to be sedated for a scale and polish), the whole team were amazing, putting me at ease. Thanks to all the amazing team – I now have a smile I can be proud of and a renewed faith in going to visit the dentist. Thank you so much!”

JD (Oakengates)  

“I went to see Ash regarding a deep crease I had  between my eyebrows for many years and several deep lines across my forehead, it was suggested that a filler would be best for the crease and that some botox on the lines on my forehead. There was no pressure to have anything done, but to go home and think about it….I arrived home rang Wycherley’s dental practice and got an appointment the next day. I had the filler which stung a little bit and the botox that didn’t really hurt at all, well worth it, I went straight back to work with no marks on my face at all. The results are so natural I feel so much happier to look in the mirror or have my photo taken. The whole experience has been fantastic the staff are all so friendly and reassuring, I will be back for a top up when the mirror tells me, would highly recommend a visit.”

V J (Eccleshall)

“Being an ex smoker who smoked 20 a day for thirty years, my mouth had aged much faster than the rest of my face. I went to see Ash with the idea of having filler in the lines on my top lip. After some discussion about what I was trying to achieve, Ash suggested that Botox over the top lip and filler around the lip line would be a better option. I had it done there and then. There was a slight stinging sensation and the next morning my lips were slightly puffy, but not trout pout swollen. The final result is exactly what I wanted to achieve, very natural looking, and my mouth area looks a couple of years younger. The great thing is that nobody but my husband has noticed I have had a cosmetic procedure. I will definitely be back next year for a top up.”

Mrs M (Newport) 

“Fantastic, amazing, professional, helpful, informative are only a selection of words l have used to describe Ash and his practice Wycherley’s. Just reading this text back amazes me as l personally have never liked attending the dentist in my 43 years. This changed however when l made the decision to change dentists and go to Wycherley’s. All the staff are friendly and helpful and make you feel comfortable, thank you Angelina and Emma. Ash is quite simply in a different league to any dentist l have ever been registered with over the years. l had always wanted a perfect smile and now thanks to Ash and his smile design, using veneers and crowns, l finally have a beautiful smile. l was initially terrified of having to have any work done on my teeth but l was given lots of encouragement and information of what to expect and what the end result would be. To be shown a mock-up of the teeth l could have was quite simply amazing. l was given realistic time frames and kept informed of costs. l am delighted with my smile and wish Ash had been my dentist 20 years ago (although he was no doubt still at school). He listened to my concerns and fears. He made me feel at ease in his company and l lost the majority of my fears of dentists, thanks to the team. Having my teeth cosmetically enhanced was the best decision l have made. People now say ‘wow, you have a great smile’. This for me is priceless!”

Mrs L (Muxton) 

“I’d had the same dentist for over 30 years and developed confidence in her after having been very harshly treated by a school dentist. My dentist retired and I neglected my teeth/mouth again out of fear of letting anyone else, especially a man, touch them. Fortunately I found Dr. Ashok Jakhu who expertly managed my anxiety and crowned a neglected tooth. He used intravenous sedation for the elements of the treatment I found the most distressing. The entire process was a positive experience.”

Mrs B (Church Stretton) 

“I recently broke my tooth, it was very sharp and making my tongue sore.  I sent an email to Wycherleys dental practice in hope that they could fit me in within the next few days.  The receptionist replied to my email really quickly and got me in for an appointment the next day.  Ash gave me my options and put in a temporary filling to make the tooth more comfortable until I could arrange another time to come back and get my permanent filling done.  It felt instantly better and the permanent filling looks so natural and matches my own tooth perfectly.

Thank you so much for getting me in so quickly,  the treatment was painless.”

Mrs T (Telford)

“I recently had a couple of dental implants and a full set of dentures at Wycherley’s dental practice. I would like to say a big thank you to Ash and his team for the excellent advice and treatment that I received. I have not stopped smiling since my treatment was completed.”

Mrs V (Telford) 


“I have recently had a comprehensive range of treatment and procedures at Wycherley’s dental practice with Dr Ashok Jakhu.  These include extractions, temporary partial dentures, crowns, veneers and implants.  During every procedure I have experienced excellent treatment combined with thorough explanations and options at every stage.  Dr Jakhu provides dental treatment of the highest technical quality and combines this with his friendly caring approach.  This is also evident in all the staff at Wycherley’s dental practice.  I am extremely pleased with every aspect of my new dental implants, the color, shape and function are excellent.  I have had implants previously at another surgery but was not as pleased with the outcome as I am this time.  I highly recommend  Wycherley’s dental practice to anyone seeking dental procedures, I know you will not be disappointed.”

“Thank you Ash and all the team.”

Mrs S (Newport, Shropshire) 


“Ash and Frankie and the rest of the team at Wycherley’s were really reassuring when I had my wisdom tooth taken out. I am frightened of needles so was nervous about going in, but both Ash and Frankie really put me at ease and the procedure was quick and painless. I have been to Ash before for check ups and to have my teeth whitened and would recommend them to anyone.”

Miss T (Newport, Shropshire) 


“I would like to say a big thank you to Ash and all of your team at Wycherley’s dental practice for the excellent dental advice and treatment that I have received and also the friendly relaxed atmosphere you create in your surgery.  I am extremely pleased with every aspect of my implants and will spend Christmas smiling at everyone I meet.”

Thank you all again.

Mrs D (Newport,Shropshire) 


“I spent quite a few years thinking about options to fill a gap I had at the back of my mouth where I had a tooth removed.  After researching bridges and implants I came across Wycherley’s dental practice and decided to book in for a free consultation with Ash. I booked back in for a full consultation and treatment plan as I decided to have an implant. Ash went through the procedure in great detail and took xrays and photos which we looked at together.  All through my treatment I felt very involved and Ash explained every stage to me which I found really interesting.  After my dental Implant was placed I had a bit of discomfort but nothing like I expected.  I would recommend Ash and his team at Wycherley’s dental practice who made me feel very comfortable and safe.  Thank you for making this such a stress free procedure.  I am looking forward to having my second dental implant placed next month.”

Mrs G (Newport, Shropshire)

“Thank you all at Wycherley’s dental practice for being so lovely when i had my wisdom teeth removed under sedation in September . I am pleased that everything went smoothly and I had  no problems after!  (after all that worrying for years!)”

H W (Oswestry) 

“I was so unhappy about the appearance of my teeth following erosion and I was apprehensive of my options and any treatment. I cannot fault ash and the team at Wycherley’s dental practice for the excellent care and friendly approach which really put me at ease. My smile is now simply perfect and the unsightly appearance of my teeth is a distant memory. As a nervous patient my fears were always listened to and as soon as I walked in a friendly approach was waiting for me putting me at ease. I have no negative feedback to provide and I would recommend anyone who is considering a smile makeover to go ahead and you won’t look back, thanks to all of you .”

Miss L S (Telford) 

“The treatment at Wycherley’s dental practice went very well. I have always been petrified of the dentist. I come from the era of the school dentist and Ash did my dental treatment  under sedation. I can honestly say I cannot remember anything. I am going to sign up to their monthly plan and try to become a regular patient. Angelina is lovely and worked hard at putting me at ease.”

“Thank you.”

Mrs K L (Telford) 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Ashok Jakhu at Wycherley’s dental practice for the dental work i have had done over the past 4 months with several extractions, fillings and a partial denture. I’m very pleased with all the work carried out.  Dr Jakhu puts you at ease, he is always pleasant and nothing is too much trouble.  All his staff are very friendly you feel as you have known them forever.  It feels like a happy place to work .  I would have no hesitation in recommending this dental practice to anyone.”

“Good luck for your future in Newport.”

Mrs W B (Edgmond)

“I always promised myself that after I hit 40 I would treat myself to some Botox. I am approaching 42 now so took the plunge and chose Wycherley’s Dental Practice to do it. I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t want too much Botox, just enough to smooth out some of the lines and make me feel and look a bit more youthful. I needn’t have worried as Ash the Dentist and his team were incredibly reassuring and professional and everything went smoothly. As for the results – well I couldn’t be more pleased. I look and feel so much better and am so glad I decided to go ahead and have it done. I am now about to get my teeth whitened there too and would recommend Wycherley’s Dental Practice to anyone wishing to have improvements done by someone they can trust who is fully informed and well practiced at what they do. Thanks again!”

S T (Telford) 


“Excellent treatment with sedation”

“Although my gum is still healing after the tooth extraction, I received excellent treatment. They are all very understanding, which was very important to me as I have had terrible experience in the past. The staff  are all very friendly and helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

D B (Nescliff)


“I’m more than happy with the results of my teeth whitening treatment I recently had – the results are superb! A sincere thank you to Ash the Dentist, Angelina and Frankie for a professional & efficient service.”

S.B (High Ercall) 


“I had my teeth whitening done at Wycherley’s Dental Practice and I’m so happy with the results! I can’t stop smiling now and keep getting compliments about my smile.”

F.T (Newport) 


“Without conscious sedation, I would have ignored my cracked filling until my only option was to have an extraction under general anesthetic in hospital. I can’t express my gratitude to Ash and his team in Newport.”

A.D (Edgmond) 


“I could not be more happy with the results of my Invisalign clear braces!!

Because of Invisalign I now have perfectly straight teeth and its given me the confidence to actually smile properly.   Invisalign are easy to use,easy to clean and barely noticeable once inserted.  Worth every penny, they have changed my life because I now have a smile to be proud of.  I totally recommend them.  I’d also like to add that Dr Jakhu has been excellent.  I’m usually nervous about going to the dentist but he has been very professional and friendly, which made me feel at ease and in safe hands.”

R. W (Wolverhampton) 


“I had always had gaps in my teeth and what teeth i did have were misaligned and generally not pleasing to the eye which in turn was giving me confidence issues.As i am in my early 50’s i have always been dissapointed with past dentists just basically offering an extraction or black filling.

I had been looking for a new dentist after moving into the area and noticed the opening of Wycherley’s Dental Practice  in the High Street.I then viewed there website and was impressed with what i saw and made an appointment. Wow what a find this was.This practice has all the latest equipment and offers the latest treatments and techniques.The practice has a calming environment. On meeting Dr Ashok Jakhu the Dentist it was clear from the beginning this man is at the top of his trade.I was surprised at the options i was given to improve the look of my teeth.I finally decided to go with the Smile Design option were i picked the style of teeth i required and shade of colour from a catalogue. I now enjoy a full set of top and bottom natural looking teeth.I found Dr Ashok Jakhu a very patient man and takes the time to to explain in detail every stage of the work he carries out to put you at ease and wants the client to be 100% satisfied.”

“Sincere thanks to  Ash and his team Angelina,Rebecca and Frankie.”

N. C  (Hinstock)

“Having gaps in my teeth had really affected me. My parents said they couldn’t notice anything wrong with them. I began researching for methods to decrease the size of the gaps in my teeth and came across Invisalign clear braces. When looking for places that offer this service, I came across  Wycherleys Dental Practice and was immediately won over. I had never had any teeth correcting work done before, and so was very apprehensive. But Dr Ashok Jakhu was very professional and thorough when explaining how the procedure would work. And now nine months after my first appointment I can finally say that I am pleased with the way my teeth look. And this is down to a great dentist and the great staff at Wycherley’s Dental Practice. I would definitely recommend this dental practice to anyone who has even the slightest issue with the appearance of their teeth, as this practice will be able to deal with the situation very proficiently.”

D. R (Telford) 

” After researching and scouring the internet for Botox I came across Wycherleys Dental Practice. The website looks very professional which immediately made me feel at ease.  I had never had Botox before so I was very nervous. When booking my appointment the receptionist was very helpful and gave me lots of information on the procedure. The practice is very clean but not too clinical and the decor is very tasteful.  The procedure, which was carried out by Ash the  Principle Dentist, was almost painless ( just a little sharp in a couple of areas) and I am very happy with the results.  At my review appointment Ash took some photos and checked that everything was looking OK and that I was happy with the treatment.”

“Thank you, I wouldn’t  go anywhere else for my Botox.”

Mrs  B (Telford) 


“I had my teeth whitened and they look superb.  I thank Ash very much for the work he did on my teeth to help make them look the best they can be.  Brilliant teeth whitening service.”

T Joyce (Ironbridge) 


“I needed new dentures. I went to Dr Ashok Jakhu and found him and his staff very welcoming and courteous, his attitude in the surgery was happy and very calming with excellent results”

Dorothy L (Newport) 


“I called in for emergency treatment and was dealt with promptly, efficiently and courteously. It is only because I am moving away from the area that stops me registering with Wycherley’s Dental Practice, otherwise I would do so without hesitation.”

Kenneth B (Newport) 


” At Wycherley’s  Dental Practice we  received a warm and friendly welcome.  Ash was excellent making me a full set of dentures,  they feel very  natural for eating and in appearance.   I would  highly recommend Wycherley’s Dental Practice to anyone.

Sheila P (Muxton) 


” Myself and my partner Annette would recommend Ash and his team to anyone.  He has give me confidence in seeing a Dentist again and has a no pressure approach to assist me in managing the ongoing maintenance/rehabilitation of my teeth.

Chris G (Hodnet) 


” I had lived with my ‘gap’ for a long time and not really thought about closing it until I needed my bridges renewing.  It was at this point that I first met Ash who very patiently explained the procedure that I would have to go through.  I thought about the procedure for quite a while before finally taking the plunge and booking the appointment to have my smile design.  I have never been afraid of dentists but do take time to make serious decisions that cannot be retracted.

I found Ash and the team very friendly and helpful in their approach to my dilemma to go ahead with treatment, they were very patient and understanding.  My treatment was conducted in a calm environment where nothing was too much trouble.  I am very happy with final result and for the first time in my life feel happy to smile.”

“Thank you Ash,Frankie,Rebecca and Angelina for your time and patience in helping me achieve this”

J. M (Wolverhampton) 


“I was in deep pain when i phoned Wycherley’s Dental Practice late in the evening, i explained my symptoms and within a couple of minutes i was reassured and asked to come first thing in the morning. To me this was new as usually you’d be asked to make an appointment, but they understood i was suffering and were very sympathetic. I went to see Dr Jakhu in the morning and was seen straight away, with in half an hour i was pain free and i was given a detailed  explanation of what treatment i required. An appointment was arranged for me to have root canal treatment, and although i was very anxious, Dr Jakhu put me at ease. My root canal treatment was completed with success, using some of the latest technology and i am now pain free! I’d like to thank Ash and the team for all their hard work!”

Mr S (Wolverhampton)  


“I was really impressed with the way Ashok dealt with my consultation for my veneers. His approach was calm and informative and very approachable.  Any questions I had he answered fully and wholly. He explained the whole procedure and was very accommodating with his time. I would highly recommend Ashok and would certainly use any of the other services available at Wycherley’s dental practice. Thanks again 2 years on and I am still grateful for having such lovely teeth.”

J Wilkinson


“I first met Dr Ashok Jakhu about 18 months ago for routine dental work. I like the manner in which he dealt with me and I asked his advice about the feasibility of having my teeth straightened. He patiently went through the various options explaining all of the pros and cons in detail. I opted for Invisalign clear braces and am thrilled with the results which have far exceeded my expectations. Ashok steered me through the whole process with great care and attention to detail. I like his progressive refreshing approach to dentistry. The set up at Wycherley’s Dental Practice is hi-tech and impressive. I would recommend Ashok for both routine and cosmetic procedures.”

C. B (Wolverhampton) 


“Dear Ash & all the team at Wycherley’s Dental Practice,  I would just like to say a massive thank you to you all.

For over 10 years I had been petrified of visiting the dentist, after suffering for many years with pain I realised I had to bite the bullet. I was planning to go to another dentist but I am extremely glad I didn’t, as soon as I arrived the atmosphere was very friendly and calming. On meeting Ash he understood I was nervous and took his time, explaining clearly and calmly what he was doing and why. After explaining what work I needed doing I decided to opt for sedation, this was explained very clearly by Ash and I felt completely comfortable about it. On the day of my appointment I was petrified, Ash and his team did an amazing job keeping me calm and helping me relax. I am terrible with needles but Ash is very confident and calming and the intravenous needle was in very quickly and pain free. Once the sedation kicked in I don’t remember much at all, I felt no pain and the time flew by. When I came round the work was all finished and the aftercare was great, I was a little unsteady but I was monitored until I was able to return home. If anyone is nervous I really recommend sedation, I had two extractions plus other work and I didn’t even notice! Amazing! I never thought I would be able to go to the dentist but after this experience I can actually say I will enjoy it! I can not recommend Ash and his team enough, I am over the moon with the work they did and the level of service they offered. If I ever have an issue again there is only one place I will be going. Many thanks”

J. P (Telford) 


“I am fortunate that when I had to have my remaining upper teeth removed you were able to offer me sedation.  I was extremely nervous of having nine teeth extracted and didn’t know how I was going to cope.  However you, your assistant and nurse were all very kind and reassuring and once the intravenous needle was in place (which was very quickly) I was very relaxed and not aware of the actual extractions, which is what I was so worried about.  I was a bit woozy afterwards but it soon wore off and I went to bed early.  I would certainly recommend this method and thanks again to you and your staff.”

J. H (Shropshire) 

“In August 2012 I had a bad experience at the dentist after what should have been a normal tooth extraction, turned into a nightmare. My dentist was unable to extract my tooth and whilst trying he fractured the tooth and informed me that I would have to wait for a referral from the hospital which would take approximately 2 weeks.

For 2 days I was in extreme pain and after returning to my dentist he only prescribed me antibiotics and said I would have to wait for the referral appointment to come through. At the time my 21 year old son was a patient at Wycherley’s Dental Practice undergoing Invisalign clear brace treatment. He highly recommended Ashok and his team and told me that they also ran a surgery on a Saturday.

As I was in extreme discomfort I contacted them as an emergency patient. Dr Ashok Jakhu arranged to see me straightaway and from the time I stepped through the surgery door I immediately felt at ease, from his personal approach and professionalism throughout my consultation. He could see the discomfort I was experiencing and offered to give me a pain relief injection then did a full x-ray of my jaw so that he could see exactly what was causing the problem. Unfortunately because my face was swollen and I was in a lot of pain, Ashok did not feel it appropriate to do any surgery that day but advised me to continue with the pain relief medication offered to do the tooth extraction first thing Monday morning.

He explained in detail how much it would cost me and exactly what the procedure would entail. On arrival at the surgery Ashok said he would only go ahead with the extraction if I felt comfortable enough having it done.  At all times Ashok talked me through the procedure explaining what was necessary and each time offered to increase my pain relief as and when I felt I needed it.

He was completely in control and I felt very much at ease. There were no additional charge for the extended time I was in surgery chair and I was given clear instructions for the post-operative care. One week later I returned to have my stitches removed and am pleased to say that I am now completely pain free. I have since signed up as a new patient and will shortly be having further treatment recommended to me by Ashok and cannot thank him and his team enough for their complete professionalism and helpfulness throughout. My wife has also signed up as a new patient and is currently undergoing tooth whitening.”

A very happy and relieved Mr M (Newport) 


“I had a huge phobia about going to the dentist, I went to Wycherley’s Dental Practice as I had lost one of my crowns and my normal dentist couldn’t see me for 5 weeks. Ash and his team saw me the same day for an emergency dental appointment, I couldn’t have asked for better than that. I have always been very self-conscious about the way my teeth looked but as I hate the dentist I have never done anything about it.

As soon as I went in to Wycherley’s Dental Practice there was a sense of calm. The whole team are really nice and it gave me instant confidence in them. After I saw Ash and the hygienist, who is also great, I decided to finally have something done and get myself a whole new smile. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was done in about 6 weeks I can’t put it in to words how amazing they feel and look, I cannot thank everyone at Wycherley’s enough for how easy they made it all and constantly made sure I was ok. I don’t think I have ever smiled so much. I have signed up my whole family to Wycherley’s Dental Practice, now I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

E Moyden (Newport, Shropshire) 


“I would like to commend Mr Ashok Jakhu and his team for making my two recent visits to his surgery a pleasure. I had to have all of my teeth removed in two sittings, to say I was scared would be an understatement, as I like many have had a bad experience with a dentist as a child. I was talked through the whole sedation and the examinations were done with care.

The day I was to have my upper teeth out I was given sedation and was up and running again, I had felt no pain and could not remember having my teeth out. The following week I went to have my bottom teeth out, I was looking forward to this as last week was a doddle, same injection, same happy place, no pain, the staff made sure I was ok to leave with my minder. I would highly recommend Dr Jakhu and his team as they have boosted my self esteem and overall made me a very happy chappy.”

Phil (Church Stretton)


“Thank you so much to Ash, Angelina, Rebecca, Eileen and Frankie.

I had my new crowns fitted today and I now have a smile to be proud of.
Thank you so much for helping me to face my dental phobia head on, you have been amazing with me. Sedation worked a treat.

Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you all.

Thanks again”

P. C (Newport) 


“So happy with my treatment, Ash really put me at ease and I look forward to my finished smile.”

C. T (Newport) 


“A wonderful Dental Practice. Very friendly staff. Can’t wait to start my Invisalign clear brace treatment.”

Mr S (Wolverhampton) 


“Thanks Ash for making me feel so relaxed. I was very nervous about my visit to the dentist but would happily recommend you.”

Mrs J (Wolverhampton) 


“Open weekends and late evenings. A lovely practice and helpful staff.”

Julie R (Newport)


“Great service, pleasant staff who made me feel very comfortable. I can smile again!”

Dan A (Hinstock) 


“About two years ago I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Ashok Jakhu. Fed up with problems with my teeth we had a full discussion about options available to me – I decided to go ahead with several new crowns and veneers to achieve a smile I could be proud of.

From the outset Ash gave me total confidence in his ability. I was particularly impressed with his communication about every aspect of a quite lengthy, but worthwhile procedure. Ash was totally professional throughout my treatments with a friendly, calm and reassuring manner. During my treatment I was given excellent temporaries and the final result surpassed my expectations, having heeded Ash’s advice about shade and shape etc.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ash for any form of dental treatment – he has all the skills required, plus a pleasing personality. I am 100% happy with my teeth now and I enjoy the confidence it gives me – plus the compliments don’t go amiss!”

R McGhie (Chester) 


“Wycherleys has a fantastic team, all the staff make you feel very comfortable. Would highly recommend ***** .”

Mr G Shepherd (Telford)


“Highly professional, quality service. Ash is very patient and listens.”

Angela M (Telford) 


“After my consultation with Dr Ashok Jakhu. I decided to go ahead with veneers, crowns and bridges on my top teeth.  The whole process and treatment plan was explained to me in detail including costs and timescale. I also requested that I would be happy if everything could be done in time for my birthday to which Dr Ashok Jakhu managed to do so.

I am not the most relaxed person when it comes to the dentist and having work done,  as i guess a lot of people are not too, so Dr Jakhu recommended sedation. I had sedation on two occasions and helped me to remain calm and in a relaxed state. I would recommend this to anyone with a nervous disposition.  I was fitted with my temporary set of teeth for around two weeks while my veneers, crowns and bridges were being made, then in time for my birthday my veneers were fitted and I am more than happy with the result.

I would like to recommend Dr Ashok Jakhu to anyone considering any dental work as he is very professional and competent within his job.”

Mr A Rathbone (Wolverhampton)


“After visiting the hygienist and the dentist I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!! The service is first class. 5 stars.”

Mr S Thomas (Stafford)


“When I first started dental nursing I had the pleasure of working with Dr Ashok Jakhu. I don’t think I could have worked with a nicer man, he is so dedicated to his work and any treatments carried out on his patients were to the highest standards.

He helped me throughout my training and subsequent qualification and I will always be grateful for that. I wish him all the best with his new practice, I know he will be a great success.”

K Aston (Wolverhampton) 


“I recently had a filling at Wycherleys. Ash was very gentle and made me feel at ease and the injection was painless!!!”

M Townsend (Telford)


“Friendly and efficient service. Great for Cosmetic Dentistry. Thorough examinations. Lovely new Practice with tasteful decor!”

Mrs K Boyd (Whitchurch) 


“Excellent service at Wycherleys – was made to feel totally at ease”

Mr M Powell (Horton) 


“Many thanks for the excellent service you gave me today, you made what I was expecting to be a traumatic experience a very reassuring one.

Thank you all so much from a very grateful patient.”

Mrs P Cain (Newport)


“I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Dr Jakhu for the work he has done in replacing my bridges. My smile is now feminine, bright and natural looking. Dr Jakhu is both professional and dedicated, he is polite, friendly and very hard working and he reassured me every step of the way. I would recommend anyone to Dr Jakhu and know i will never see another dentist. Once again thank you so much. ”

S. H (Wolverhampton)


“I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your patience and professionalism during my recent visit. Being someone who has had bad experiences at the dentist in the past, I am so relieved to have found “Ash and team” who could not do enough to put me at ease, and I can highly recommend the sedation service they provide.”

M. A (Church Stretton) 


If you are one of our patients and would like to give your own testimonial then please email us at reception@wycherleysdentalpractice.co.uk