CEREC – one visit dentistry



  • Do you want highly aesthetic, tooth colored fillings or crowns – created and placed during a single dental appointment?
  • Would you prefer not to have an impression and a temporary?
  • Do you prefer metal-free, biocompatible materials?

All this is now possible.  Thanks to CEREC these restorations can be created and placed during a single appointment.

CEREC is a sophisticated CAD/CAM system for the production of all ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns , veneers and crowns for anterior and posterior teeth.  Worldwide more than 25,000 practices in over 50 countries work with the CEREC system.  Since 1985 over 8 million patients have been treated using the CEREC procedure.  More than 20 million ceramic restorations have been created and placed.  Long term clinical studies demonstrate that in terms of durability CEREC restorations are at least equivalent to gold restorations.  Depending on the individual case CEREC fillings can achieve even better results than gold fillings.

  • No conventional impressions – The CEREC 3D measuring camera scans the prepared tooth in just a few seconds.  This eliminates the need for unpleasant silicone impressions.
  • No Temporaries – CEREC restorations are milled out of a solid ceramic block in just a few minutes.  They are then ready to be placed immediately.  This eliminates the need for temporary fillings and crowns.  It also means that you only need one appointment and you don’t have to wait for days on end until the filling is finished.
  • No long waiting periods – Because CEREC restorations can be placed immediately, you need only one appointment.  And you benefit from tooth restorations which have demonstrated their  durability time after time again.


The CEREC procedure step by step.

1. Before treatment begins we inform you about the benefits of CEREC.

2. After removing the decayed tissue or the defective amalgam filling we create a 3D image of the tooth with the aid of the CEREC camera.

3. The restoration is designed on the monitor of the CEREC acquisition unit.


4. The CEREC milling unit machines the restoration out of a ceramic block.


5. The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth.


Modern CAD/CAM technology makes it possible. For more information about CEREC please call the practice on 01952 459459.